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Lower Perennial Garden






Guided Tours of the Alaska Botanical Garden

ABG offers guided tours daily at 1:00 pm, June through August.

Since we cannot guarantee the availability of a volunteer docent for all tours, we recommend calling ahead if you definitely prefer a guided tour versus a self-guided visit, or if you have a large group: (907) 770-3692

All tours meet in the retail nursery area near the Gift Shop.
A docent will guide you through the Lower and Upper Perennial Gardens, the Rock Garden, the Herb Garden, and the Wildflower Trail.
The tour will last about one hour ending back in the nursery
in case you'd like to browse for plants or garden gifts.


Floral Interest Through the Season

Early June begins with bulbs emerging, Trollius and Primulas coming into
bloom and peonies appearing. The Garden is just waking up from a
long winter sleep. The Rock Garden and Wildflower Trail are at their
best through June.

In early July, the Garden is in full swing with Peonies, Delphinium, Clematis,
Columbine, and the famous Meconopsis, the Himalayan Blue Poppy. The
Entry Beds are a vibrant glimpse at "An Alaskan Kitchen Garden".

The Garden is ever changing and by the end of July the Ligularia, Nepeta, Lilies, Roses, and Hostas are in their full glory. The Herb Garden is at its best
through July and August.

In August the Thalictrum begin to take over the show, but are still
accompanied by the Hostas, Aconitum, Veronicastum and Geraniums.
The Herb Garden is full of culinary scent and has an impressive Kiwi Vine.

Gardens and Trails
The Garden contains over 1,100 varieties of annual and perennial plants known to grow in southcentral Alaska. There are about 150 species of Alaska native plants in the Garden. Each of the gardens was designed with a purpose or theme in mind.

Upper Perennial Garden


Garden Location: 4601 Campbell Airstrip Rd., Anchorage, AK

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